Safety Tip #2

Your Home Escape Plan

Make a home escape plan.  Draw a map of your home showing all doors and windows.  Discuss the plan with everyone in your home,

Know at least 2 ways out of every room,

Have an outside meeting place where everyone should meet,

Practice your home fire drill at night and during the day, 

Practice using different ways out,

Teach children to escape on their own,

Close doors behind you as you leave.


How to Get a Burn Permit

For information on obtaining a burn permit, please visit the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources web site, or visit the District 11 Office, which is located on the East side of NC Hwy. 86, about 1 mile South of I-85 (District 11 serves 8 counties, including Durham and Orange Counties).

District 11 Office:

3314 NC Hwy 86 South
Hillsborough, NC 27278-8711
Voice: 919-732-8105
Fax: 919-732-4005


If you visit the web site and decide to request a burn permit online, you will be asked to review the air quality regulations related to outdoor burning. It is very important that you are aware that burning within 100 feet of an occupied dwelling is regulated by county authority (i.e., your fire department), not by the NCDFR.