Safety Tip #6

Car Fire Safety

How to prevent a car fire

  • Have your car serviced regularly.
  • Never transport gas cans or propane cylinders in the passenger compartment.
  • Never park a car where flammables can touch the bottom of your car.
  • Danger signs include cracked or loose wiring, blown fuses, oil or fluid leaks and rapid changes in fluid levels or engine temperature.


Engine 431 operating on Interstate 40 at a woods fire Woods fires at Lake Lure, NC
New Hope and Efland Crews Deploying to Lake Lure to assist in wildfire structural protection  
 Car Fire Training

Car Fire Training 

Orange County Water Shuttle Live Burn Training with Orange Rural Fire Dept
 Public Education Event at a birthday party  
 New Hope Live Burn - July 2014  New Hope Live Burn w/ White Cross and Chapel Hill